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吉良 イヅル- Kira Izuru ([personal profile] solitary_beauty) wrote2009-01-01 04:17 pm
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OOC: fic

An awesome drabble written for me by [ profile] prof_ryoki

Kira’s eyes were wide and his heart was racing as he surveyed the plans before him; with all the concentration and diligence of a commander directing his troops in battle he examined the paper and small flags with different names written on in tiny script.

Familiar arms wrapped around him from behind and long white hair swished in front of his face as

Ukitake kissed him on the cheek; Kira felt his muscles involuntarily relax at the arrival of his lover and a tired smile lit up his face.

“You worry too much,” Ukitake said softly, laughter in his voice.

“Fine then,” Kira replied, kissing his lover and pushing the paper towards him. “You work out the seating plans for the reception.”